Sonic Electric Toothbrush

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Goodbye manual toothbrush. Hello Sonicare.

Up to 3x better plaque removal*

Product Features:

  • Sonicare technology
  • QuadPacer and SmarTimer
  • Slim ergonomic design
  • 14-day battery life

Up to 3x better plaque removal vs a manual toothbrush*

The Sonicare electric toothbrush with advanced sonicare technology is clinically proven to remove plaque up to 3X better* than a manual toothbrush. It removes plaque from your teeth and along the gum line while protecting your gums.

2 intensity settings for a more powerful or gentle clean

Switch between 2 intensity settings to make the brushing session comfortable for you.

Optimize your brushing with SmarTimer and QuadPacer

2 minute SmarTimer and 30-second QuadPacer guide you to brush for the recommended time in all areas of your mouth to ensure a complete clean.

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